Friday, July 11, 2008

We're Home !!!

Yep ... we're here! The trip home wasn't without some ticketing hassles in Port Moresby, but thanks to some last minute heroics by the Qantas lady we got out of PNG as scheduled. All was quickly forgotten as we enjoyed the next two nights on Denarau Island in Fiji. Tough but someones got to do it :-). These past two days in SD we've been unwinding, recallibrating our clocks, and buying a minivan. Today we got out for a bit of shopping ... it took about 20 minutes for me to pick out a stick of deoderant, and killed the afternoon in clothing stores.

It's great to be here and great to be with family. When I can connect on something more than dialup, we'll be posting some pictures from our recent Nakui trip.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

In Wewak

Wow!  What an incredible three weeks in the tribe.  It wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth every bit of effort put into the trip.  After a lot of hours in the office, the Galatians translation finished to teaching draft.  We were able to spend some good time re-establishing our relationships with dear friends.  I did some teaching in the church, and was blessed to participate in baptizing four believers.  I enjoyed some especially dear moments with Kibo and a few of the other key believers.  It was a special family time to be able to spend some good time in our home after a year away.  The cool, refreshing river floats on those steamy hot days were, as always, family highlights.  As we pushed the limits of our physical, linguistic, emotional, and cross-cultural limitations, God met us and ministered to Diana and I both in very special ways.  We praise God for the work He is doing of making his grace known both in Nakui lives and in our hearts as well.  Now here in Wewak for three nights, we are wrapping things up and packing our bags.  Next stop is Fiji for two nights and then LAX on July 8 (1:20 pm arrival).  Soaring gas prices, floundering economy, rising cost of living and all … it will be good for our family to be in the USA again after 3 ½ years!