Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kibo's Testimony

"Yes, way before I didn't know about God and Jesus. I thought this ground we live on came from nowhere. Our ancestors told us we came from pigs. When I was a child this is what I believed. Later Tim and Greg came and I learned this talk wasn't true. Now I know all the things that God created - the ground, water, men and women - came from Him. He spoke them into existence. Yes, before I was a man-of-death. I sinned a lot, I was a thief and stole a lot. This road was leading to death, but God got me back. Now I'm not a man of death, I have life in Jesus Christ. Now I am free, I believe that Christ's death paid for my sin. I give big thanks to God, who shared his Son in order to help me. That's my little story. Thank you for listening to my testimony."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sepik church planting consulting trip

Question: What does a church planting team working in a remote tribal location do when they have questions pertaining to their ministry? What sort of lessons to produce? What to translate and teach next? How to take a group of believers and see them move toward functioning as a mature church? What about leadership development ... outreach ... literacy ... baptism ... communion ... ? And on it goes. Tackling these kinds of quesions along with tribal church planters is where our field consultant program comes in. We certainly don't have all the answers, and our recommedations don't come with a guarantee! But, we do see value in those with experience investing in and assisting those who are needing input. It is also important to assure in each location we work they are aligned with mission core values and methodogy. I have been serving as a CP consultant on the field of PNG for several years. This past weekend I flew to the Sepik for 3 busy days in one of the tribes. What a great time of fellowship with both missionaries and tribal believers. We saw God work in our midst as we encouraged and listened to one another, prayed together, looked to Him for wisdom and direction as we work to see Christ's church established.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NCA Basketball Team Finishes 8-2

The Numonohi Christian Academy basketball team finished off a fine season with a 38-32 overtime loss to rival SIL. Down by 9 points early in the 4th quarter, the press-break began to click and NCA tied the game up with under a minute to play. With 4 Numonohi players in foul trouble, SIL capitalized and took advantage in the extra period. After losing to SIL by 18 the previous week, we were so proud of how the boys came out and played in the finale. What an exciting end of a great season. And what a blast it was for coach Tim to work with such a great group of guys!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Auwiyo Serves the Sick in Nakui

News from Nakui: We have heard via 2-way radio from Nakui that three babies have died in recent days from severe diarrhea along with high fevers and vomiting. Auwiyo (pictured with his son Iyen), our trained medical worker, has been working around the clock to save the lives of other babies, and has been treating a number of adults as well. A plane in the area was diverted to drop off more antibiotics when his supplies were running low. Today Diana spoke with him over the radio about a woman named Maniya, who suffers from these symptoms and is very weak. Please be praying for Auwiyo, Maniya and the other sick Nakui people.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home in Nakui Soon

Man ... we miss Nakui. There are less than 2 months left of school, and after cleaning up the dorm we'll be heading back down to the Sepik heat and humidity. Just booked our flights ... heading into Nakui on June 13th. We are excited about spending time with our Nakui friends, getting some translation work done (will be working in Titus, 1 &2 Thessalonians and Galatians), and heading over to see the new believers in Yabu with Nakui Bible teachers. We will be in the bush for almost 3 weeks before heading back out to Wewak on July 3.

Moropote airstrip and village

Tim spent 3 days in this village over the weekend of March 21-24, 2008. NTM was making an assessment as to the whether we should allocate a church planting team in this part of the Saniyo language group.