Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moved Again!

We're getting way too used to this. By now we're pretty much able to sort through stuff and move it from one place to the next in our sleep. Our most recent move took us from Univ. City up to San Marcos where we will hopefully be able to settle in for a while. Well, for about a year anyway. In the midst of moving life the pace of life is picking up as school nears for the kids. Bekah is now in volleyball two-a-day practices at Tri-City Christian, and the 4 trips back and forth mean everything else is scheduled accordingly. Diana is in the midst of registering at Palamar College to take some prerequisite courses she will need for nursing school. I am getting the office set up and hopefully will be getting into Nakui Bible translation work before long.
For those needing our address, it is now 671 Corte Loren, San Marcos, CA 92069. Phone # is 760-597-0728.